Does early ANC make a difference to outcomes of pregnancy associated with syphilis?

A recent systematic review published in PLoS One by Sarah Hawkes and colleagues report suggests the answer is “yes”.

Our review has shown that the timing of antenatal care interventions makes a significant difference in the risk of having an adverse outcome due to syphilis. Women who sought care in the first two trimesters of their pregnancy, and received the appropriate intervention, were more likely to have a healthy infant, compared to women screened and treated in the third trimester. Encouraging ALL pregnant women to seek care in the first two trimesters of their pregnancy should be a priority for health programmes. For interventions to be effective within these health programmes, health systems and community engagement programmes need to be strengthened to enable pregnant women to seek antenatal care early.

It’s probably no surprise that we think the last sentence is key! Helping to inform and encourage women to seek care early in pregnancy is a central objective of Baby Monitor.